Featured on Tnooz.com…The Google-ITA Software deal: can mobile voice recognition disrupt the travel search landscape?

When Google announced its acquisition of ITA Software in July, 2010, speculation was rampant on how it would integrate ITA’s flight data structure.  Most pundits mentioned airfare display, map-based search, and other fairly straightforward incremental improvements.

However, given a confluence of technology, consumer, and competitive forces, integration of voice recognition technology in Android and other mobile platforms could be a truly innovative force and affect the travel intermediary landscape, enabling travelers to search for flights, hotels, and other travel topics by speaking into their phones, obviating need for traditional click-based methods of OTA and supplier websites.

Kevin May of Tnooz.com also wrote a good article on the topic on January 26, 2011, featuring the presentation. Here is Kevin’s introduction and article link:

“Google-ITA Software deal: Is mobile the key element?

Perhaps one of the factors missing from much of the commentary around Google’s proposed acquisition of ITA Software is around the mobile opportunity.

As documented in many ways and places over the years, Google has a huge play in mobile, not least through AdMob marketing platform and the Android operating system spreading through smartphones around the world.

It is arguably Apple’s Number One rival in mobile (against the iPhone) and clearly now sees much of its product extension through the prism of consumers on-the-move.

So, what about travel?”

For the full article on Tnooz.com, click here:



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  1. […] for a while. Back in 2010, after Google announced its ITA Software acquisition, I showed how a convergence of forces could enable Android voice search integration with ITA’s QPX airfare technol… and potentially help shift the consumer travel […]

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