Amazon launches bold digital media expansion. Airlines (and hotels) – don’t wait until travelers get on the plane…

Amazon has dominated the eBook market with its Kindle, is vertically integrating into eBook publishing, and as anticipated, today it launched its new Kindle lineup, clearly targeted to take on Apple and Google’s Android marketplace in the broader digital media industry.

Amazon’s new Kindle lineup

Consumers will have 4 dominant hardware options with Apple, Android devices, Amazon, and Microsoft – if it can get its tablet and Windows Phone act together (don’t underestimate its Nokia deal prematurely) to leverage a 35-Million-strong Xbox Live base.

All zeroed in on using that hardware penetration to sell digital media content and services, so virtually any traveler carrying a device will have unprecedented access to huge libraries of content only 1-touch away.

So beating the drum again (see articles below) – while the in-flight product is clearly improving, airlines, Gogo, and Row 44 (as well as international services) need to think outside the flight and use their primary advantage – the itinerary – the holy grail of any merchandiser.

They know when the consumer is shopping (flying), when they’re thinking about it, what they want to buy (entertainment), and can touch them at their intent-to-buy peak before travelers think to use everyday services. Unless airlines passively wait until the plane gets to 10,000 feet.

Nordstrom, Target, Amazon – you name the retailer – would love to have that information for everyday shoppers. And as the Wall Street Journal noted in a feature today citing Forrester Research, consumers shopping across all retail categories using tablets are doing so at conversion rates significantly higher than those using PCs. Only the numbers will eventually tell how that translates to travelers and digital media, but better to be proactive.


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  1. […] For #3, Virgin Australia’s new approach of “thinking outside the flight” to market its mobile flight app through the “60 hour cycle” using its knowledge of the customer’s itinerary is a great way not only to engage passengers, but also capture WiFi and digital entertainment revenue before losing it to passengers’ own digital media services, a risk I’ve written about before… […]

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