With 16+ years of experience in consumer and business travel, hospitality, and retail, Jonathan Alford’s work centers on dual principles of driving a better traveler experience and advancing travel industry/company economic models.

Recent focus includes creating visionary product and platform strategies for global corporate travel firms, leveraging new mobile/tablet platform capabilities and themes of “consumerization” to improve traveler experience, driving economic value to offset rising travel costs, and delivering enhanced duty of care to mitigate travel risks as emerging economies shift.

In addition, he is recognized for thought leadership influencing disruption of airline industry WiFi and digital entertainment (manifested in current advancements in both in-flight and “outside the flight” experience).

Jonathan was personally awarded an Olympic Order of Excellence for leading executive program management initiatives at the 2002 Winter Olympics, judged best in history under leadership of Mitt Romney and Fraser Bullock and awarded the Global Project of the Year by the Project Management Institute.

Past roles also include CEO of Traveler.com, Senior Strategy and Investment Advisor in a private investment group focused on the Chinese travel industry, Expedia, and Intrawest’s resort marketing group, Playground.

He received his MBA from Cornell University and BA from the University of Virginia.

Some of his favorite places include Slovenia, Croatia, Brazil, and Hong Kong. And anywhere he can do crazy things like cage-diving with Great White sharks.

Places he has not been yet, but wants to visit, include Australia and New Zealand, India, Patagonia, Nepal and Tibet, and Southern Africa. But why stop there…

To view his LinkedIn profile or contact him via LinkedIn, click here


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