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Featured on…”Peeling back the onion on social media intelligence services for the travel industry”

About a year ago, I began looking at the competitive landscape of Social Media Intelligence (SMI), aka Social Media Monitoring, tools to advise a software company’s strategy to build its own service.

In the process it also gave a good handle on the potential of SMIs for travel and hospitality, and I wrote the following article for in March, 2011, featuring the attached report:

The idea has been around for a while, but in the last approximately 18-24 months, well over 100 generalist SMIs have burst on the scene to scour the social web for content on explicit topics like airline brands, hotels, destinations, or anything travel-related in a “Listen, Engage, Analyze” model enhanced by sentiment and “Influencer” analysis.

In fact, assuming they’re watching their own brands, SMIs like Radian6, Visible Technologies, NM Incite (formerly BuzzMetrics), and Viralheat will capture this very article.

How do they apply to travel?

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